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Territorial partition of the Rome municipality in a informative leaflet for the citizens.

Background Information
The Rome Metropolitan Area, instituted through the National Act 142/90, hosts about 4 million residents over an area of 5300 km2 and comprises the Rome Municipality (1300 km2) and other 120 small satellite municipalities (4000 km2). It is located on the west coast of the centre of Italy in the Lazio Region, which is the third most populous region and the third industria pole in the country, claiming over 5 million people.

Rome Municipality is further subdivided into 19 districts (Municipi), but from a functional point of view five areas can be identified, four internal to the Great Ring Road (GRA, Grande Raccordo Anulare), while the fifth is external to the GRA and extends to the city border.

The City Urban Traffic General Plan (PGTU, Piano Generale del Traffico Urbano), acknowledges the need to have a strong public transport service in the inner areas, characterised by high residential and activity densities, and a forced but functional cohabitation of public and private transport in the peripheral and suburban areas, where densities are low.
The historical centre (A), corresponding to the Restricted Access Zone (LTZ, Zona a Traffico Limitato), has an area of about 6 km2 and shows the highest concentration of business activities in Rome. The central area (B) borders internally the historical centre and externally the railway ring (RAIL RING). The area is densely populated and presents a great deal of business activities.

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