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Background Information
The total population of the province of Huelva is 515.000 people. 365.000 people live in the metropolitan area, and 149.000 of live in the capital.

The city centre is located in the geographic coordinates 37º 16' N, 6º 57' W. It has an extension of 149 km2 and an average height of 54 meters over the sea.

Huelva is one of the sunniest cities in Europe. Huelva enjoy a Mediterranean climate, between subtropical and temperate. The average annual temperature is 18,1ºC, while average summer temperature is around 23,5ºC. It is possible to get maximum temperatures of 4ºC under the sun in summer.

The average temperature in winter is 13ºC. It is not usual minimum temperatures under 5ºC. The rains are scanty, with an annual average of 450 l/sqm.

In average, the city presents approximately 2990 annual hours of sunlight. It exist few differences between the winter months and the summer ones.

One of the most important industrial area of Spain is located near the capital, at a distance of 2.5 km from the city. There are a large amount of industries, such as refineries, petrochemical installations, metalworking industries, electric power stations and chemical plants.

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