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Air Quality Improvement

Different types of plans are defined by the French Air Act. At the regional scale:

  • The regional air quality plan (PRQA, 2000) issued by the DRIRE Alsace (Direction Régionale de l'Industrie, de la Recherche et de l'Environnement d'Alsace, Regional administration of industry, research and environment). This framework plan provides a diagnosis of the state of the air quality in the whole region and provides recommendations to solve the issues raised.
  • The atmosphere protection plan (Plan de Protection de l’Atmosphère, PPA): under development by the DRIRE Alsace. Based on the PRQA recommendations, the PPA is aimed at providing mandatory measures to improve air quality and fulfill the EU directives by 2010.
  • The Strasbourg urban mobility plan (plan de déplacements urbains, PDU, 2000) which defines the general organization of transports, circulation and parking in Strasbourg. It determines the objectives, the method to be followed, the main pieces of work to be realized and the financing to be foreseen. This plan has been initiated by the State.
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