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The monitoring network in Alsace region

Air Quality Assessment

Regional air quality monitoring network of Alsace (ASPA) develops tools for air quality assessment (monitoring network, emission's inventory, prediction modelling). ASPA has published various assessments of air quality, all of which are available through ASPA's web site (see links).

Monitoring network

The air quality monitoring network of Alsace consists of 24 constantly operated measuring stations, 9 of which in Strasbourg:

  • Traffic exposed: Strasbourg Clemenceau, Strasbourg A35 (urban highway)
  • Urban background: Strasbourg Nord, Strasbourg Est, Strasbourg Centre 2
  • Suburban background: Strasbourg Ouest, Strasbourg Sud2
  • Industrial exposed: Strasbourg Reischstett, Strasbourg Hoerdt (around the refinery)

The monitoring sites have been supplemented by a measurement point of benzene passive samplers, HAP and heavy metal sampling.

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