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Air Quality Improvement
City of Prague would assess impacts of the implementation of different measures for improving the air quality, which are included into Strategic plan for Air Quality Protection in Prague. Sharing the experience with the other partner cities will contribute to efficient air quality management.

In accordance with legal requirements, an Integrated Action Plan of City of Prague has been prepared highlighting the types of air quality management strategies available for air quality abatement.

The Integrated Action Plan consist of two documents, the “Integrated Plan for the Pollutants Emissions Reduction” and “Integrated Plan for Air Quality Improvement on the Territory of the City of Prague“ . These documents were based on the background material (“Long-Term Concept of Air Pollution Control on the Territory of the City of Prague”), which provided both detailed analysis of the current air quality conditions as well as prospective ones, and the analysis of instruments available for the improving of air quality and the emission reduction. The Programmes solutions were therefore focused on concrete conditions of the City of Prague.

The crucial part of the Programmes for the City of Prague is a proposal of 25 measures, which are directly bound to concrete groups of pollution sources or to individual circles of activities affecting emission load and ambient air quality, respectively. The proposals of respective measures were prepared on the basis of a detailed analysis of potential solutions of respective issues found within the framework of the “Long-Term Concept”. Doing so attention was concentrated namely on sources of such pollutants emissions, in whichambient air quality limits have been exceeded.

The summary information on the measures proposed is given in Table 4.1. The majority of measures (15) are targeted on transport, five measures are focused on the reduction of emissions from stationary sources , and the other five instruments are common to all emission sources or circles of activities, respectively. The measures have been subdivided into short-term ones (to be applied immediately as the document has been passed), medium-term ones (deadline by 2010), and long-term ones – permanent (to be gradually implemented over a longer time period). In terms of air quality benefits the measures have also been classified into three groups as follows:

decisive measures are such measures, which would have an essential benefit in the emission reduction and or ambient air quality improvement in one or more pollutants;

important measures should have their expected air quality effects at the level of percents as compared with the current state (in the case of a couple of pollutants) and thus contribute in an important way to compliance with the air quality limits in “hot spot” areas;

supplementary measures include other measures proposed, which air quality effects would be less visible.

The Act on Air Pollution Control assumes that, once approved by the competent authorities, both the Programmes shall become the binding documents for the public administration at the City Hall as well as at its respective districts and quarters not only for air pollution control but also in land-use planning, zoning and permitting of new constructions or changes to constructions, which may substantially affect air quality, or development concepts and development programmes of respective industries and other activities.

Short-term measures
Decisive Reduction in particulates emissions from transport
Modifications to rules and principles of the Programme of subsidies of the City of Prague for the heating systems conversion
Reduction in particulates emissions from stationary sources
Important Parking policy in the centre and in local centres
Limiting sources and destinations of traffic
Operative inspection of emission parameters of vehicles
Programme for public communication and public awareness
Supplementary Organisational measures for public transport preference
Time-organised delivery of supplies
Reduction of emission produced from the public transport buses
Reduction of dust levels by greenery plantation

Medium-term measures
Important Comprehensive support to the use of alternative fuels in traffic
Access charging into designated parts of the Prague territory
Reduction in emissions from the group of sources under the Act on IPPC
Supplementary Demonstration projects of major fuel and energy suppliers
Energy supply concept for the left-bank part of the City of Prague

Long-term, permanent measures
Decisive Construction of high-capacity ring road network
Support to high-quality public transport
Important Support to park-and-ride facilities
Limiting of heavy lorries access into the City centre
Land-use planning - principles of territorial arrangement concerning air pollution control
Land-use permitting - principles for new constructions
Supplementary Pedestrian zones and establishing of other types of calmed roads
Support to cycling

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