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Yearly assessment of immission characteristics of the period 1981–2003.
Map of PM10 concentrations, Prague 2004.
Map of NO2 concentrations, Prague 2004.

Air Quality Assessment
The following graphs characterise the development in average immission characteristics at Prague monitoring stations in 1981–2003.

The development in yearly immission characteristics of SO2 is demonstrated in the period of 1982–2003 in the figure 1. Since 1988 the overall decreasing tendency in air pollution with sulphur dioxide can be observed. This decrease has been especially pronounced after 1996. In 2003 this trend was confirmed.

Next graph in the figure 1 presents the long-term development in daily and yearly characteristics for NO2 and NOx. The significant decrease in the average of the yearly average concentration of NO2 after 1991 has not proceeded further and conditions were rather stagnant. In the last years there has been a gradual and moderate increase in the NO2 pollution, which has been observed in 2003 as well.

Furthermore, the long-term development in PM10 and SPM is plotted in figure below. The significant drop after 1987 and a slight decrease after 1993 in the average of the yearly averages of PM10 have been interrupted by a small increase in a couple of the last years, which was confirmed in 2003, too.

Suspended particulate matter, fraction PM10
It can be seen from the graph that there was a decreasing trend in air pollution with suspended particulate matter till 1999 as in the case of sulphur dioxide. After 2000 a gradually increasing tendency, which was proven in 2003, has appeared at majority of the stations. Air pollution with suspended particulate matter, fraction PM10 has remained one of the major issues of the providing for air quality pursuant to requirements and terms of the new legislation.

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