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View of Rouen city.
View of the industrial zone of Le Havre city.
The seine.
Le Havre - Rouen

Background Information
Le Havre and Rouen are the main cities in Upper-Normandy, an area in north-west part of France. Their conurbations count respectively a population of 200 000 and 400 000.

They are chosen by many French and international companies because of their maritime access and their proximity and their connections with Paris. Refined petroleum products, petrochemistry and fine chemicals industries are characteristic of Upper-Normandy. Others sectors are represented too, as automotive, aeronautics, electrical engineering and electronics, pharmacy, biotechnologies or the food industry. They are located into the urban area, in the Seine Valley.

Le Havre, the port of the Seine estuary, was devastated during September 1944. Rebuilt by Auguste Perret, a major 20th century architect, the city has been added by UNESCO to its World Heritage List in July 2005.

Rouen, an inland port, has preserved much of its historical centre which is now largely composed of pedestrian streets where timbered houses from the middle Ages and Gothic or Renaissance style monuments are stood up.

Between the hills and forests bordering the Seine and the seaside on the typical coast with high white cliffs, the landscape of Upper Normandy is very different and rich. That's why it's a destination very popular and a tourist region.

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