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Gdansk agglomeration.
Gdansk - Gdynia - Sopot - Tczew

Environmental Situation
Agglomeration of Gdañsk is situated at the seaside. Agglomeration of Gdañsk has diversified coastline. Tczew is rather flat area. Meteorological conditions have a big influence on dispersion of pollutants The climate in Agglomeration of Gdansk is mild. The average yearly temperature is about 8ºC. The hottest month is July when average temperature is about 18 ºC, whereas the coldest is January (average temperature is about -1 ºC).The dominant direction of wind is the west .The yearly precipitation equals about 600 mm.

The emission of air pollutants has been decreased in recent years. The main sources of pollutants are traffic, industry and domestic heating. Fortunately Agglomeration of Gdansk has quite good ventilation, so inhabitants don’t feel it very much.
Agglomeration of Gdansk has two main traffic arteries, one of them is a ring road and the other one goes via Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot.

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