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Public information on environmental issues is of increasing importance and also an obligation under the CAFE Directive (2008/50/EC) as well as under the Aarhus Convention. Common Information to European Air http://www.citeair.eu (CITEAIR and CITEAIR II) were projects co-funded by the European Union's INTERREG IIIC and IVC Programmes. The projects started in March 2004 and ended in December 2011. Throughout this period it supports cities and regions in developing efficient means to collect, present and compare air quality data across a multitude of sites and provides furthermore an input to the air quality reporting and action planning. Thus, CITEAIR supports European cities and regions in their efforts to meet limit values and improve the air quality for their citizens.

CITEAIR collaborates with non-project cities and other stakeholders including the European Commission (DG Environment) and the European Environment Agency (EEA).
Although the project are finished the initiative taken by the project partners and the collaboration continues. This is especially true for www.airqualitynow.eu that has become an operational service for European Cities. Any city that wishes to join is very welcome, we are prepared to incorporate data from new cities at any time.

The major work carried out by CITEAIR's Partners concerns public information through easily understandable and comparable air quality information across European cities.

This has been undertaken through two main developments:

  • The first Air Quality indices on the European level based on a cities initiative
  • www.airqualitynow.eu: an interactive webservice to display and compare air quality across cities.
  • The common indices (hourly, daily and annual) developed by the cities of CITEAIR are implemented on an interactive web service accessible under www.airqualitynow.eu. It provides an attractive platform to compare near-real time air quality in different cities in an easy understandable way. The website does not aim to replace local websites but to complement them in providing a common place and a common way of presenting air quality in an easy understandable and comparable way. By the end of 2011 more than 90 Cities and Regions link their real-time environmental data to www.airqualitynow.eu. Through this approach environmental data will be easily comparable across different sites in Europe. To take part in www.airqualitynow.eu just sends a mail to join@airqualitynow.eu.

    Citeair is involved in the ObsAIRve project:

  • Find the Citeair information on the air quality of European cities on the ObsAIRve website.
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